Workd helps your employees to make attendance online and also it makes easy to keep data of all the employee of your organization.

Some benefits of Workd :

1. Better accuracy

Manual attendance is vulnerable to human error. It’s quite often to hear complaints from your staff that they got incorrect data from the HR team, such as inaccurate attendance data. This kind of inaccuracy will impact the salary calculation, which will end up bad for everyone.

Therefore, many business owners start using an online attendance system during social distancing. With it, the work of the HR team will be more manageable and reduce any human error. Data and information from HRD will be more accurate.

2. More efficient

Manage attendance data manually is very time-consuming. It might not be a problem if your company has no more than 20 employees. But for those with a thousand employees, it’s quite a problem indeed. The HR team has to process a spreadsheet document with thousands of rows.

With an online attendance application, the HR team can monitor employee attendance easily. The system already works on attendance recording and salary calculation automatically. The app will make the HR team work more efficiently.

3. Easy to monitor employee work hours

Work from home makes it difficult for the HR team to monitor the employee’s performance. No one knows whether the employee is working or take a nap instead. Monitor your employees with WhatsApp might not working.

With an online attendance application, you can easily monitor your employee attendance. Information such as absence, overtime, and sick leave are available at a glance.

4. Check your employee’s whereabouts.

An online attendance software equipped with GPS tracking enables managers to check their employee’s positions. GPS tracking is essential, more so during working from home, so your employees can focus on their work.

Not every remote work software out there has a GPS tracking feature. But work from home software from Workd already equipped with GPS tracking. When your employee clicks the attendance button, the system will track the device position.

5. Leave management

An online attendance application also makes it easier for the HR team to manage employee’s leave. All you need is sign into the system to see how much leave you have left. This way, your employee doesn’t have to ask the HR staff to know how much leave they have.

Attendance software also facilitates the management of all matters related to attendance. Starting from the calculation of bonuses, overtime, leave, until salary.